california wrestling. (disco_strangler) wrote in nfldraft,
california wrestling.

day one.

reflections, anyone?

how did your teams do?
any favorite college kids make it to your team?

the raiders drafted decently, obviously focussing on offense.
jamarcus russell, zach miller (TE-asu), mario henderson (OT-florida state), and johnnie lee higgins (WR-utep)
with one defensive selection.
quentin moses (DE-georgia)

interesting development of the day: the acquisition of QB Josh McCown and WR Mike Williams of the Lions. all for a 4th round pick.
Coach Kiffin worked with Williams at USC, and thinks he can get him to play well, hopefully finally reach his potential.
this deal almost definitely indicates that randy moss will be dealt away.

so it's good to see a former USC icon (mike williams) on my team. both dwayne jarrett and steve smith slipped into the mid-late second round. i'm not sure i like the NYG system that smith fell into, but jarrett should have a chance to make an impact in Carolina.
center ryan kalil also landed in Carolina.
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